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Our mission is to unite top-tier talent with innovative hospitals poised to revolutionize the healthcare industry. We employ a comprehensive strategy that combines the power of AI with a personalized human touch, leveraging highly skilled healthcare consultants and a groundbreaking assessment process.

We’re driving a revolution in recruitment – using AI with a human touch

With highly trained healthcare consultants, and a revolutionary assessment process to Improve your bottom line using data-driven recruitment

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We’re driving a revolution in recruitment – using AI with a human touch, highly trained healthcare consultants, and a revolutionary assessment process.

Hire in days, not months.

AI-based talent identification and candidate

pre-assessments improve the interview-to-hire ratios, reduce time-to-fill vacancies.

Eliminate costly turn-over.

Improve retention and make smarter hiring decisions using scientific, visual, and competency-based assessments.

Save upwards of $100k per hire.

Cutback on supplemental staffing fees with our buyout and direct hire , without sacrificing commercial downtime – saving both time and money.

Let’s discuss your need and see how we can revolutionize your hiring process.

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Filling gaps in care, need a specialized physician, or trying to improve physician well-being?

locum TEnens Staffing

How locum staffing services help meet your organization's needs.

The American healthcare market has expanded dramatically with demand for physicians outpacing supply in many areas.

We serve as your ally, providing bespoke solutions and personalized service at a concierge level. We manage the details, enabling you to concentrate on achieving patient outcomes.

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Experience freedom, diversify your skills, and enhance patient care

Locum tenens is one of the fastest-growing sectors within healthcare. Latin for “to hold the place of or substitute for,” locums physicians play a crucial role within the healthcare industry.

These roles range from supporting understaffed facilities in rural, suburban, and urban communities to filling gaps in clinical care, all while allowing greater work-life flexibility, increased freedom, and competitive pay.

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Curehire is revolutionizing the nurse recruitment process

Role of AI technology in modern nursing recruitment

Your next nursing role with the help of AI

Ways to foster a positive workplace culture for nurses

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VP at Associates in


Top Nephrology Talent in the

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I signed the contract with Curehire and a few hours later I had candidates.

Tikera L.

Registered Nurse

Hired in 4 days!

This process was so smooth and fast. Curehire stayed in contact with me, was always available if I had any questions...Thank you for all your help during the process. I was hired in four days!!!


Provider Recruiter

Consistent + Dependable

It's always easy to get in touch with a team member on the locums side. They reply to messages instantly.

Dr. Steven


I enjoyed working with Curehire!

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