Increase and supplement core income

Competitive Compensation with Flexibility

Our locum tenens positions offer attractive hourly rates that often exceed those of permanent positions. This means you can potentially earn more in less time, giving you the freedom to enjoy your earnings however you see fit. Without the burden of managing a facility, purchasing equipment, or hiring staff, you can focus on your patients and enjoy a higher net income.

Diverse Clinical Experiences

Diverse Clinical Experience & Proffesional Growth

Every new location brings a unique set of challenges and learning opportunities. Expand your clinical skills and knowledge by working in varied healthcare settings, from bustling urban hospitals to intimate rural clinics. Locum tenens positions are an excellent way to build a distinguished career in medicine.

Explore & Travel Across the United States

Explore & Travel across the United States

Adventure Awaits: Each assignment is a new adventure. Beyond your professional duties, immerse yourself in the local culture, cuisine, and outdoor activities. Create lasting memories and friendships across the country. Whether you're drawn to the vibrant cities, serene countryside, majestic mountains, or sun-soaked beaches, the choice is yours.

Unparalleled Flexibility

Unparalleled Flexibility

Say goodbye to the monotony of a fixed location practice. With locum tenens, you have the flexibility to choose assignments that fit your financial goals. Whether you're looking to work back-to-back assignments or prefer taking breaks in between, you can balance your income needs with your lifestyle preferences.

Why join locum tenens?

Benefits of locum tenens

Cure Hire elevates the locum tenens journey for physicians, tailoring each experience to your unique personal and professional needs. We're committed to understanding precisely what you're looking for and ensuring a seamless process every step of the way.

Looking for greater freedom and flexibility, the chance to explore diverse healthcare environments, or simply a fresh start? We're here to make it a reality.

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Your dedicated expert consultant will guide you in finding the perfect locum position in the ideal location. As your full-time champion throughout the process, they will take care of everything from malpractice coverage to travel arrangements.

Connect with a consultant

Your consultant will present jobs based on your unique criteria. Whether you're looking to practice close to home or seeking adventures in new locales, you're empowered to choose positions that fulfill your professional and personal goals.

Explore job options

Our MSS team will oversee the credentialing process and handle the heavy lifting once you're confirmed by a facility, including filling out paperwork on your behalf. Additionally, our travel experts will arrange all aspects of your transportation and lodging.

Get Onboarded

We’ll advocate on your behalf to ensure you’re always paid what you’re worth. And with our online time entry and bi-weekly pay, getting paid is more convenient than ever.

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Unlock Career Versatility: Elevate your medical journey with locum tenens opportunities tailored for your expertise at Curehire, where flexibility meets excellence