What is Curehire all about?

We are driving a revolution in recruitment.

Our Process

Consultative Candidate Recruitment

Our mission is to bring together the best talent and hospitals looking to disrupt the industry. To achieve this, we utilize a multi-faceted approach by using AI with a human touch, highly trained healthcare consultants, and a revolutionary assessment process.

The result? Leading healthcare companies and hospitals receive both the tools and talent to excel in their areas. Together, we can advance the sector.

Bespoke and Customizable

Offering a recruitment process built from the ground up.

Data-Driven Recruiting

Beat your competitors in the talent war on speed and quality.

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Digitized Recruitment Process

So much more than a resume.

We don’t believe that a CV and the usual brief interview process provides employers with sufficient information to make an objective, adequately informed decision, or that it gives candidates sufficient opportunities to showcase their skills, personality, or ability in the hiring process.

Instead, we have created our own award-winning online assessment and delivery platform known as Insights to support and supplement the usual hiring process and procedure – offering a more comprehensive solution to many age old dilemmas.


Faster Vacancy Fills

*according to industry standards


First Year Retention Rate

*only 1 in 25 placed talent fails.

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Aptitudes & Behavioral Capabilities

Bespoke testing & assessment

We coordinate and deliver all search projects using our unique recruitment methodology – Insights. We will develop a tailored assessment process fundamentally based around three assessment levels namely, Background and Experience, Behavioral Matching, and Key Competency Assessments.

Each candidate will undertake pre-agreed assessments, based on the above, and be presented to you using the online Strafe Search® platform. This will include CV, Individual Executive Summary, Vide Interview/Presentation, Key Competency Assessments, McQuaig® Behavioral Profile, Professional References, and Key Facts.


Made just for you

Easy to Manage

Visual profiles

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Talent First Approach

Our customized candidate journey was created with a talent first approach. See how we can revolutionize your hiring process.
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