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Operating Room (OR)

Operating room nurses are essential members of the surgical team, providing expert care to patients before, during, and after surgery. With specialized training in surgical procedures and a deep understanding of the human body, operating room nurses are skilled at supporting patients and surgeons alike.

Curehire is the most effective in Operating Room placements with a time-to-fill of under 26 days and a guaranteed first year 96% retention rate.


Intensive Care (ICU)

Working in the intensive care unit (ICU), these nurses use their advanced knowledge and expertise to monitor and treat patients who are suffering from life-threatening conditions.

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Emergency Room (ER)

The first line of defense in providing critical care to patients in their time of need, emergency room nurses must be highly skilled in triage and have the ability to make quick decisions under pressure.

96% Retention
3X Decrease in Time-to-Fill

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